Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Clash of Clans h@ck

Hello and welcome. I'm hoping you will get something out of this h@ck. If you have any problems whatsoever please don't hesitate to contact me, my info is at the bottom of the page. Best regards Martin Daniels. 

Info :

  • First off you will need to go to my download link and get the file.(Works on Windows&Mac).
  • Now u need to unzip the files and run installer.
  • Third step is to connect you're device. (USB).
  • Wait until the program can find you're device this can sometimes take up to 30 sec.
  • Now you startup CoC on you're device and verify you're device on the Pc.

How To Use :

  • Now you should be able to see a litte button beside you're settings button, press it.
  • Now you get 5 different categorize.
  • Press the res category and see if you are able to add gold.
  • If you have any problems just contact me and maybe i can help you.
  • If it works fine just sit back and see you're competition get smoked


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